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My massage sessions are focused on you and your specific needs. I ask you to arrive at least 10 minutes early to your appointment so that a thorough intake session can be done. This will ensure that I know and address exactly what you need so you can walk away from your session feeling better. All of my massages include hot towels, hot stones and aroma therapy included in the price. A 30 minute session will allow for work on one to two spot specific areas whereas all other longer session can be a full body massage. Cloth draping is used to provide respect, comfort and proper boundaries for us both, so that you can truly relax without concern. Good communication is essential for the best results from your massage and I encourage honest communication in regards to pressure, techniques, goals and feedback. After the massage you can expect a 10-15 minute feedback session where you can share with me how you are feeling and I will share with you what was accomplished during your session. I will also offer any recommendations for post massage treatment and future maintenance care to keep you feeling good so you can live your best life!



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Additional Services

Foot Reflexology

Chair Massage Events

Essential Oils Raindrop Technique

Monthly Memberships

If you want to make massage a regular part of your life and save some money too then committing to the membership plan may be the right choice for you. There is an initiation fee to be enrolled and you are asked to commit to at least one massage per month. The membership will get you $15 off a 60, 75 or 90 minute massage every time you come in. When you join the membership plan you are able to get an unlimited amount of massages per month at that discounted rate which is an even greater savings to you. This plan is about prioritizing your own self care and saving you some money along the way. For more information please contact me or inquire at your next appointment.

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